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TX 2016-10-25 Greater Houston Gun Club Latham and Watkins
TX 2016-10-24 Greater Houston Gun Club FBCA
TX 2016-10-23 Texas Premier Sporting Arms - Promatic Training Center Ray Tipton Memorial Pre-National Shoot Out
TX 2016-10-22 Westside Sporting Grounds 2016 Sheriff Glenn Smith
TX 2016-10-22 Texas Premier Sporting Arms - Promatic Training Center Lady Clay Shooters' 2016 Boo-Stacular Halloween Fun Shoot
TX 2016-10-22 Greater Houston Gun Club Cystic Fibrosis
TX 2016-10-21 Greater Houston Gun Club Trees for Houston
TX 2016-10-21 Westside Sporting Grounds 2016 FALL PIPELINERS
TX 2016-10-21 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC 2016 United Way Campaign - Lyondell Basell
TX 2016-10-19 Westside Sporting Grounds 2016 MVPOA
TX 2016-10-17 Greater Houston Gun Club St Michaels
GA 2016-10-16 Olympia Bend Plantation Round 3 Southern Thunder Series
TX 2016-10-16 American Shooting Centers NATIONALS WARM UP 2016
TX 2016-10-16 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2016 October Surprise
TX 2016-10-16 1 in 100 Gun Club National Champions Shooting Clinic
TX 2016-10-16 Elm Fork Elm Fork Championship 2016
KS 2016-10-15 Michael Murphy and Sons 2016 October Registered
KY 2016-10-15 Elk Creek Hunt Club Blast for Fall
OR 2016-10-15 Rogue Valley Sporting Clays FALL FEVER
TX 2016-10-15 South Texas Shooting Complex LAST CHANCE BEFORE NATIONALS 2016 SHOOT
TX 2016-10-15 Pecan Meadow Hardin ISD Fishing Club Fundraiser
TX 2016-10-15 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC Road To Nationals
TX 2016-10-15 Brett Winstanley Shooting Lessons Brett Winstanley Shooting Lesons
FL 2016-10-15 South Florida Shooting Club Trick or Treat
AL 2016-10-15 Talladega Marksmanship Park Gobbler Special
MS 2016-10-15 O N S Sporting Clays October Monthly
TX 2016-10-14 Elm Fork Bradd Kidd Coaching
GA 2016-10-14 Olympia Bend Plantation G.U.C.A Fundraiser
TX 2016-10-14 Texas Premier Sporting Arms - Promatic Training Center 4th Annual Klays for K9
IN 2016-10-14 HCIWLA Sporting Clays Fall classic
IN 2016-10-14 Indian Creek Shooting Center FALL CLASIC
TX 2016-10-12 Westside Sporting Grounds 2016 FREIGHTLINERS
TX 2016-10-11 Greater Houston Gun Club HLSR
TX 2016-10-10 Greater Houston Gun Club Innovative Alternatives
IA 2016-10-09 MAHASKA COUNTY IKES October Sporting Clays
MO 2016-10-08 Geiger Shooting Range Oct 2016 registered
GA 2016-10-08 Olympia Bend Plantation Round 2 Southern Thunder Series
AR 2016-10-08 Sanders Lagrue Sporting Clay Range Cancelled
TX 2016-10-08 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC Chambers County Annual Skeet Shoot
TX 2016-10-08 Dallas Gun Club 2016 DGC Eleventh Hour Sporting Clay Tournament
NE 2016-10-08 Oak Creek Sporting Club Ronald McDonald Charity Shoot
TX 2016-10-07 Westside Sporting Grounds 2016 AADE
TX 2016-10-07 1 in 100 Gun Club Tom Mack Shooting Lessons
IN 2016-10-07 Kosko Conservation October 2016 Shoot for Punches
TX 2016-10-07 Ables Sporting Range Able's Cup
TX 2016-10-05 Creekwood Shooting Sports Cashner Foundation Sporting Clay Fundraiser
TX 2016-10-04 Greater Houston Gun Club Boys and Girls Club
TX 2016-10-03 Greater Houston Gun Club Houston Foodbank
TX 2016-10-02 1 in 100 Gun Club Fall Classic
TX 2016-10-02 CCC Shooting Complex PUMPKIN BLAST
NJ 2016-10-02 Cedar Creek Sporting Clays Pumpkin Buster
OR 2016-10-02 Cottage Grove-Eugene Sportsmen CHUCKAR SHOOT
IN 2016-10-01 Sugar Creek Sporting Clays NWTF Old Mill Longbeards
TX 2016-10-01 Texas Premier Sporting Arms - Promatic Training Center Brad Kidd Jr. Coaching / Lessons
KS 2016-10-01 Gypsum Valley Sporting Clays Twin !00
TX 2016-10-01 Dripping Springs High School Shooting Team Fall Classic
TX 2016-10-01 Pecan Meadow Anahuac Fall Classic Sporting Clay Fundraiser
IA 2016-10-01 Anita Sporting Clay Course Pheasant Warmup
TN 2016-10-01 Memphis Sport Shooting Assoc October 2016 MSSA
TX 2016-09-30 Westside Sporting Grounds 2016 NOV
TN 2016-09-30 Memphis Sport Shooting Assoc Clays for Kids 2016
IN 2016-09-30 Linden Conservation Club Club Championship
IA 2016-09-28 Highland Hideaway Hunting MBI Shoot
TX 2016-09-28 Westside Sporting Grounds 2016 M STRATEGIC
TX 2016-09-28 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2016 USAS Fall Selection Match DT
TX 2016-09-28 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2016 USAS Fall Selection Match Skeet
TX 2016-09-27 Greater Houston Gun Club ASCO
TX 2016-09-26 Greater Houston Gun Club AIM
TX 2016-09-25 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC Clay Mound Challenge #4
TX 2016-09-25 Briggs Farm Youth Shooting Sports Fundraiser -CANCELED
IN 2016-09-25 Kosko Conservation Lake City Charity
IA 2016-09-25 New Pioneer Clay Target Center 2016 September Registerd Sporting Clays
TX 2016-09-24 Westside Sporting Grounds 2016 Conoco-Phillips
TX 2016-09-24 Brad Kidd Jr Lessons 4H Shooting School with Cory Kruse, Hunter Dreher, and Brad Kidd
TX 2016-09-24 Madison FFA C J Carmichael Memorial Scholarship Shoot
GA 2016-09-24 Olympia Bend Plantation SOUTHERN THUNDER SERIES ROUND 1
TX 2016-09-24 Briggs Farm Chambers County 4H Kick Start - CANCELED
NE 2016-09-24 Lincoln Trap and Skeet Fall Shootout
MI 2016-09-24 Bald Mountain Shooting Range 2016 4th Annual Border Wars Championship / MSC Trail Series Finale
TX 2016-09-24 Greater Houston Gun Club 2016 Grand Prix
TX 2016-09-23 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2016 USAS Fall Selection Match Trap
TX 2016-09-23 Westside Sporting Grounds 2016 Pink Pigeons
IN 2016-09-23 Indian Creek Shooting Center KENTUCKIANA SPORTING CLAY TRIFECTA
TX 2016-09-22 Greater Houston Gun Club NRG
FL 2016-09-18 South Florida Shooting Club Sizzlin' September Shoot
TX 2016-09-18 American Shooting Centers TEXAS STATE COOL DOWN
IN 2016-09-18 Indian Creek Shooting Center NWTF
TX 2016-09-18 Elm Fork Colette's Birthday Classic 2016
TX 2016-09-17 Brian Ash Shooting Lessons Brian Ash shooting clinic at American Shooting Senters
TX 2016-09-17 Westside Sporting Grounds 2016 Hunt with Heart
TX 2016-09-17 Parker County 4H Shooting Sports 8th Annual Parker County 4H Bust'n Pumpkins Fundraiser
IN 2016-09-17 HCIWLA Sporting Clays 2016 Ronald McDonald House Benefit Shoot
TX 2016-09-17 South Texas Shooting Complex 16 DE SEPTIEMBRE SHOOT
TX 2016-09-17 Gaines 4H Trap and Skeet SEPTEMBER NIGHT SPORTING CLAYS FOR ALL AGES !!!!!!!
KY 2016-09-17 Elk Creek Hunt Club Wildcat, Bearcat, Cardinal Challenge
TX 2016-09-17 Ellis County Sportsmans Club Cotton Pickin Open ECSC Sporting Shoot
MS 2016-09-17 O N S Sporting Clays Hunting Time
NE 2016-09-17 Oak Creek Sporting Club Small Bore Challenge
TX 2016-09-16 Westside Sporting Grounds 2016 NACE
TX 2016-09-16 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC ISA Texas Channel Section
KS 2016-09-15 Michael Murphy and Sons 2016 Kansas State Sporting Clays Championship
AL 2016-09-15 Alabama State Sporting Clay Association 2016 Alabama State Sporting Clays Championship
TX 2016-09-14 Westside Sporting Grounds 2016 Boy Scouts
TX 2016-09-12 Greater Houston Gun Club TAUBER OIL