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2019 TX Subgauge Challenge
NE 2020-01-18 Oak Creek Sporting Club New Year's Shoot
MO 2020-01-18 Polecat Creek Shotgun Park "not" TOO COLD TO SHOOT
TX 2020-01-18 Rockwall Gun Club FROSTY HULLS
MI 2020-01-18 Bald Mountain Shooting Range NSCA 100 Sporting and 50 Super Sporting at Bald Mountain
TX 2020-01-18 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 Katy FFA
TX 2020-01-18 Greater Houston Sports Club 2020 Buckle Race Leg#1 12ga/12ga
GA 2020-01-17 Shooting Grounds at Barnsley Resort January Season Opener
TX 2020-01-11 Texas Premier Sporting Arms New Year Sporting Clays League
TX 2020-01-11 1 in 100 Gun Club RESCHEDULED January Shootout
TX 2020-01-11 Montgomery County 4H Shotgun Team 2020 Winter Warm Up WHIZ-BANG
TX 2020-01-11 Ables Sporting Range Ables Club Championship
WA 2020-01-06 USAYESS Virtual Leagues Winter League 2020
OR 2020-01-05 CRESWELL CLAY TARGET SPORTS New Year shoot
TX 2020-01-04 Texas Premier Sporting Arms Bring in the New Year with a Bang
TN 2020-01-04 Memphis Sport Shooting Assoc JANUARY 2020
TX 2020-01-01 Greater Houston Sports Club GHSC Member Winter Night League
TX 2020-01-01 Texas Premier Sporting Arms Simulated Driven Bird Shoot
TX 2020-01-01 Westside Trappers 2020 WESTSIDE Trappers
TX 2019-12-31 Westside Trappers 2019 WESTSIDE
TX 2019-12-21 Texas Premier Sporting Arms 2nd Annual Premier Member
TX 2019-12-21 1 in 100 Gun Club Gun Club Championship
GA 2019-12-20 Shooting Grounds at Barnsley Resort Season's Greeting Shoot
TN 2019-12-15 Crossville Shooting Sports Park SantaClays100
TX 2019-12-15 Pecan Meadow Clay Bells
LA 2019-12-15 3D Shooting Center Club Championship
TN 2019-12-14 Crossville Shooting Sports Park JingleBell100
MO 2019-12-14 Polecat Creek Shotgun Park december fun shoot
TX 2019-12-14 Creekwood Shooting Sports Magnolia West Clay Shoot (Qualifier for San Antonio, Houston, Waco)
MI 2019-12-14 Bald Mountain Shooting Range December NSCA 100 Sporting
TX 2019-12-14 Westside Sporting Grounds 2019 NSCA Toys for Tots
2019-12-14 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic for Experienced Shooters Houston TX
GA 2019-12-14 Floyd County Wildlife Association Happy Holiday Shoot
IN 2019-12-13 Indian Creek Shooting Center December Fun Shoot
2019-12-13 OSP Shooting School OSP at OK Corral Okeechobee FL
TX 2019-12-12 Westside Sporting Grounds 2019 Houston Maritime Arbitration Association
TX 2019-12-08 Texas Premier Sporting Arms Winter Shoot-Out
TX 2019-12-08 Blackwood Gun Club 2019 Holiday Clays
TX 2019-12-07 Navarro FFA Booster Club 2019 Panther Shootout
TX 2019-12-07 TexasYESS TexasYESS Defender Clay Pearl Harbor Day
TX 2019-12-07 American Shooting Centers Special Events Commercial Exhibits Committee
TX 2019-12-07 Westside Sporting Grounds 2019 Texas SCTP
2019-12-07 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic for Novice Shooters Houston TX
NE 2019-12-07 Oak Creek Sporting Club Christmas Shoot
TX 2019-12-07 Concordia Lutheran Ag Program 5th Annual Concordia Lutheran Shootout youth/Adults "Qualifier for San Antonio, Houston, Waco"
MI 2019-12-07 Grand Blanc Huntsmans Club Dec 2019 Registered
TN 2019-12-07 Memphis Sport Shooting Assoc DECEMBER 2019 MSSA
KS 2019-12-07 Lynbrooke Sporting Clays Lynbrooke December 2019 Registered
TX 2019-12-07 Greater Houston Sports Club 2019 Buckle Race FINALS 12ga
TX 2019-12-06 Blackwood Gun Club IADD Iron Man Clay Shoot
TX 2019-12-06 Concordia Lutheran Ag Program Battle of the FFA Qualifier for San Antonio, Houston, Waco"
2019-12-06 OSP Shooting School OSP at Ben Avery Clay Target Center Phoenix AZ
TX 2019-12-05 Westside Sporting Grounds 2019 St. Vincent