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KS 2014-10-19 Gypsum Valley Sporting Clays twin 100
FL 2014-10-19 South Florida Shooting Club Guns and Ghouls
TX 2014-10-19 Rio Brazos Hunting Preserve 2014 8th Annual Rio Ammo Nationals Warmup
IA 2014-10-19 Anita Sporting Clay Course Dick Hansen Memorial Shoot
OH 2014-10-19 Cardinal Shooting Center SPOOKY SHOOT
GA 2014-10-18 Spring Bank Sporting Club at Barnsley Resort Falling Leafs Fun Shoot
IN 2014-10-18 Indian Creek Shooting Center FALL CLASSIC
TX 2014-10-18 South Texas Shooting Complex OKTOBERFEST SHOOT
TX 2014-10-18 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC ROAD TO NATIONALS
TX 2014-10-18 Montgomery County 4H 1st Annual Fall Clay Fest
GA 2014-10-18 Olympia Bend Plantation SOUTHERN SHOWDOWN
TX 2014-10-18 Madison FFA Shoot for "CJ," Scholrship Shoot
MS 2014-10-18 O N S Sporting Clays OCTOBER SHOOT
NE 2014-10-18 Oak Creek Sporting Club Small Bore Challenge
TX 2014-10-18 Gunsmoke Sub Gauge Shoot
KY 2014-10-18 Elk Creek Hunt Club Crazy Elk Massacre
TX 2014-10-17 Rio Brazos Hunting Preserve Finale' 2014 Houston Pipeliners Fall Shoot
TX 2014-10-12 American Shooting Centers NATIONALS WARM UP 2014
IA 2014-10-12 MAHASKA COUNTY IKES October Sporting
TX 2014-10-12 Elm Fork Elm Fork Championship 2014
GA 2014-10-11 Big Red Oak Plantation Wild Game Cook Out 2014
TX 2014-10-11 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC Bridgehaven Children
FL 2014-10-11 Santa Rosa Shooting Center 2014 Flora/Bama Championship
TX 2014-10-10 Rio Brazos Hunting Preserve 2014 OHH Fall Shoot at Rio Brazos
IN 2014-10-10 HCIWLA Sporting Clays 2014 Fall Classic
TEXAS 2014-10-10 Double Rafter H Construction, LLC. 10th Annual DRH Fundraiser
TX 2014-10-08 Westside Sporting Grounds 2014 Freightliners
TX 2014-10-05 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. Pre Nationals
GA 2014-10-05 Olympia Bend Plantation Fall 100 SUNDAY SHOOT
KS 2014-10-05 Michael Murphy and Sons October Fall 100
IA 2014-10-05 New Pioneer Clay Target Center 2014 October Sporting Clays
NJ 2014-10-05 Cedar Creek Sporting Clays THE PUMPKIN BUSTER
NE 2014-10-05 Pheasant Bonanza Hunt Club and Kennel Migration Prep
OR 2014-10-05 Cottage Grove-Eugene Sportsmen Quail Warm up Shoot
GA 2014-10-04 Cherokee Rose Sporting Resort October Registered 100
IA 2014-10-04 Highland Hideaway Hunting Hawkeye Wrestling Shoot 100 target Fun Shoot
TX 2014-10-04 Barbers Hill Youth Shooting Sports Club Barbers Hill Youth Shooting Sports FUNDRAISER
TX 2014-10-04 Dallas Gun Club 2014 DGC Eleventh Hour Sporting Clay Tournament 10/4/2014
AR 2014-10-04 Sanders Lagrue Sporting Clay Range Registered Fun Shoot
GA 2014-10-04 Etowah Valley Sporting Clays Just by Love Event Shooters for Hooters Just by Love Sporting Clay Event
TX 2014-10-04 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC GO TEXAN! Humble/Kingwood - SHOOTING FOR SCHOLARSHIPS
TX 2014-10-04 Greater Houston Gun Club Grand Prix
TX 2014-10-03 Westside Sporting Grounds 2014 AADE
OH 2014-09-28 Cardinal Shooting Center LONG BIRD BLAST
NE 2014-09-28 Pheasant Bonanza Hunt Club and Kennel Hunting Season Warm Up
OH 2014-09-28 Upland Valley Sporting Clays THE HIGHLANDER TRUE PAIR CHALLENGE
LA 2014-09-27 Long River Lodge Core Luv 2014 Benifit
TX 2014-09-27 Youth Target Foundation YTF Fall Trap Open-Waco
TX 2014-09-27 Conroe Shooting Center / Gun Emporium 2014 Fall Clays
AL 2014-09-27 Limestone Hunting Preserve and Sporting Clays Registered Shoot
GA 2014-09-27 Olympia Bend Plantation GISA SOUTHERN HEAT
GA 2014-09-27 Flint Skeet and Trap Club ALS Shoot
OH 2014-09-27 Upland Valley Sporting Clays PRELIM TO THE HIGHLANDER
TX 2014-09-26 Westside Sporting Grounds 2014 PINK PIGEONS
IA 2014-09-21 New Pioneer Clay Target Center 2014 September Sporting Clays
NE 2014-09-21 Lincoln Trap and Skeet Super Sport Challenge
GA 2014-09-20 Spring Bank Sporting Club at Barnsley Resort End Of Summer Shoot
SC 2014-09-20 Rocky Creek Sporting Clays SCSCA Circuit Shoot
TX 2014-09-20 1 in 100 Gun Club Gil and Vicki Ash Lessons Saturday
KS 2014-09-20 Gypsum Valley Sporting Clays TWIN 100
IN 2014-09-20 Indian Creek Shooting Center RILEYS/CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP
GA 2014-09-20 Olympia Bend Plantation SEPTEMBER 20 Registered shoot 200 bird
TX 2014-09-20 Parker County 4H Shooting Sports Bust N Pumpkins Scholarship Fund Raiser Shoot
MS 2014-09-20 O N S Sporting Clays SEPTEMBER SHOOT
FL 2014-09-20 South Florida Shooting Club "Autumn is Here"
TX 2014-09-20 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC Liberty Lions Club - Shoot for Sight!
MI 2014-09-20 Bald Mountain Shooting Range 2014 MSC Trail Finale / MI vs. Canada Border Wars Challenge
TX 2014-09-19 Greater Houston Gun Club Hearts Flurry
IN 2014-09-19 HCIWLA Sporting Clays 2014 September Registered Shoot
TX 2014-09-19 Greater Houston Gun Club Shooting for the Hearts of Texas
KY 2014-09-19 Elk Creek Hunt Club 2014 Kentucky Sate F.I.T.A.S.C. Championship
TX 2014-09-19 1 in 100 Gun Club Gil and Vicki Ash Lessons Friday
AL 2014-09-14 Taylor Creek Sporting Clays Bama State Warm Up
NE 2014-09-14 Heartland Public Shooting Park Heartland Youth/ Adult
IA 2014-09-14 MAHASKA COUNTY IKES September Sporting
OH 2014-09-14 Wright Patterson AFB Skeet Club Little Gun Open
TX 2014-09-14 American Shooting Centers Texas State Warm Up
NJ 2014-09-14 Cedar Creek Sporting Clays Big Fall Blast
TX 2014-09-14 Elm Fork Dove Classic
TX 2014-09-13 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC GATOR BAIT
MI 2014-09-13 Grand Blanc Huntsmans Club NSCA Class Shoot
IA 2014-09-13 Anita Sporting Clay Course Guns and Clubs
NE 2014-09-13 Oak Creek Sporting Club Ronald McDonald Shoot
IN 2014-09-12 Terre Haute Sporting Clays Wounded Warriors
GA 2014-09-12 Big Red Oak Plantation Georgia Cup - FITASC in the Field
TX 2014-09-12 Westside Sporting Grounds 2014 RISE SCHOOL
GA 2014-09-12 USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports (USAYESS) USAYESS East Coast Youth Clay Target Championship: Forest City Gun Club, Savannah, GA
IA 2014-09-07 Ackley Gun Club 7th Annual Harms 100
OR 2014-09-07 Siuslaw Sporting Clays Early Goose Warm Up Shoot (formerly being held at CGESC)
TX 2014-09-07 Rio Brazos Hunting Preserve 2014 Competitors and Hunters Clays
TX 2014-09-07 Ellis County Sportsmans Club Dove Opener
IA 2014-09-07 Anita Sporting Clay Course Grandparents Day
OR 2014-09-07 Cottage Grove-Eugene Sportsmen Early Goose Warm up Shoot.
LA 2014-09-06 Long River Lodge Opening Day of Dove Season
GA 2014-09-06 Cherokee Rose Sporting Resort September Registered Shoot
TX 2014-09-06 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. USAS 2014 Sep PTO
IN 2014-09-06 HCIWLA Sporting Clays 2014 Ronald McDonald House
NE 2014-09-06 Oak Creek Sporting Club Pheasant Hunters Warm-Up
KY 2014-09-06 Elk Creek Hunt Club Smash and Blast