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2017 TX Subgauge Challenge
TX 2017-10-18 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 FRONTIER CAMP
GA 2017-10-15 Olympia Bend Plantation southern thunder round 3
TX 2017-10-15 Pecan Meadow ROAD TO NATIONALS
IA 2017-10-15 New Pioneer Clay Target Center 2017 October Sporting Clays
TX 2017-10-15 Elm Fork Elm Fork Championship 2017
MO 2017-10-14 Geiger Shooting Range Oct 2017 Reg Shoot
TX 2017-10-14 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 77 ST. THOMAS CLASS REUNION
MS 2017-10-14 Turcotte Shooting Range 2017 capitol gun club
TX 2017-10-14 South Texas Shooting Complex LAST CHANCE BEFORE NATIONALS 2017 SHOOT
TX 2017-10-14 Waller FFA Parent Booster Club 2017 Inaugural Clay Shoot Fundraiser
TX 2017-10-14 Texas State Rifle Assoc. Foundation TSRAF Sporting Clays / Trap *Rodeo Qualifier
KY 2017-10-14 Elk Creek Hunt Club Elk Creek-Superfecta
TX 2017-10-14 Parker County 4H Shooting Sports 9th Annual Parker County 4-H Bust'n Pumpkins Sporting Clays Fundraiser
TX 2017-10-14 Joshua Creek Ranch Geneva Shootout
TX 2017-10-14 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. Kerrville Realtors Scholarship Shoot
TX 2017-10-14 Texas Premier Sporting Arms - Promatic Training Center 5th Annual Klays for K9's
TX 2017-10-14 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 TEAM RED WHITE BLUE
TX 2017-10-14 Choctaw Preserve Choctaw Classic
NE 2017-10-14 Lincoln Trap and Skeet Fall Final Shoot
GA 2017-10-13 Spring Bank Sporting Club at Barnsley Resort Falling Leaf Shoot
IN 2017-10-13 Indian Creek Shooting Center FALL CLASIC
TX 2017-10-13 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 OHH FALL
TX 2017-10-11 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 FREIGHTLINER
IA 2017-10-08 MAHASKA COUNTY IKES October
GA 2017-10-07 Olympia Bend Plantation southern thunder round 2
GA 2017-10-07 OSP Shooting School Kiowa Creek - Bennett Colorado
TX 2017-10-07 Texas Premier Sporting Arms - Promatic Training Center 4th Annual Pullin
TX 2017-10-07 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 RELADYNE
GA 2017-10-07 Noontootla Creek Farms October Shoot
TN 2017-10-07 Memphis Sport Shooting Assoc October 2017 MSSA
TX 2017-10-06 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 AADE
IN 2017-10-06 Indian Creek Shooting Center Sporting Clays Superfecta
TX 2017-10-06 Ables Sporting Range Able Cup
TX 2017-10-04 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 TAHFM
NJ 2017-10-01 Cedar Creek Sporting Clays 5 th annual Pumpkin Bust
Texas 2017-10-01 American Shooting Centers FALL CLASSIC 2017
OR 2017-10-01 Cottage Grove-Eugene Sportsmen CHUCKER WARM-UP
2017-09-30 Grace College Shooting Sports Club 1st Annual Grace Lancer Invitational
TX 2017-09-30 Blackwood Gun Club 2017 MEC All Around NSCA Shoot
TX 2017-09-30 Madison FFA 2017 C J Carmichael Memorial Scholarship Shoot
IA 2017-09-30 Black Oaks Clays LLC Fundraiser Fun Shoot to benefit the Pella youth shooting club
TX 2017-09-29 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 PINK PIGEONS
TX 2017-09-27 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 MSTRATEGIC PARTNERS
TX 2017-09-26 Maskells Shotgun Academy Mike Maskell Houston Area Gun Club Lessons
TX 2017-09-24 Brad Kidd Jr Lessons Brad Kidd Jr lessons Midland Shooters Association
TX 2017-09-24 Pecan Meadow GATOR BAIT
KS 2017-09-24 Linden Target Sports Amarillo Gun Club - Late Summer 100
TX 2017-09-24 Admiral Nimitz Foundation 2017 Battle Buddies Classic
KS 2017-09-23 Gypsum Valley Sporting Clays September Twin 100
GA 2017-09-23 Spring Bank Sporting Club at Barnsley Resort Late September Shoot
IN 2017-09-23 HCIWLA Sporting Clays 2017 BOY SCOUT CHARITY SHOOT
TX 2017-09-23 Texas City FFA Shooting Team Booster Club Clays By The Bay
IN 2017-09-23 Indian Creek Shooting Center CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS
Alabama 2017-09-23 Orvis Shooting Grounds at Pursell Farms Rough Grouse Society
TX 2017-09-23 DFW Clay Target Sports Inaugural Longhorn Classic
GA 2017-09-23 Olympia Bend Plantation Southern Thunder SERIES ROUND1
IA 2017-09-23 Anita Sporting Clay Course September Registered Targets
TX 2017-09-23 Choctaw Preserve Falling Clays
LA 2017-09-23 Los Paloma Sporting Clays and Event Center Shoot For Youth
TX 2017-09-23 Greater Houston Gun Club 2017 Grand Prix
IN 2017-09-22 HCIWLA Sporting Clays Ronald Mcdonald House
TX 2017-09-22 Ables Sporting Range Shootout Hunger - MCFB
TN 2017-09-22 Memphis Sport Shooting Assoc 2017 Clays for Kids
TX 2017-09-22 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 NOV IMPACT A HERO
TX 2017-09-21 1 in 100 Gun Club Tom Mack Shooting Instruction
IA 2017-09-20 Highland Hideaway Hunting Linn County CoOp
TX 2017-09-19 Blackwood Gun Club Small Gauge Fun Shoot Tues 4-6:30
IA 2017-09-19 Highland Hideaway Hunting Van Meter Inc. Shoot
IA 2017-09-17 New Pioneer Clay Target Center 2017 September Sporting Clays
TX 2017-09-17 Elm Fork Colette's Birthday Bash
TX 2017-09-16 Briggs Farm De-Snaking Blast
TX 2017-09-16 Ables Sporting Range Ladies Shooting Clinic
TX 2017-09-16 Gaines 4H Trap and Skeet LEA COUNTY 4H FUNDRAISER FOR ALL AGES
TX 2017-09-16 Texas State Rifle Assoc. Foundation TSRAF/Dripping Springs/Hays 4H *Rodeo Qualifier
TX 2017-09-16 South Texas Shooting Complex 16 De Septiembre Shoot!
IN 2017-09-16 HCIWLA Sporting Clays First annual pull for hearts sporting event
Tx 2017-09-16 Schreiner Shooting Sports Clayfest
TX 2017-09-16 Texas Premier Sporting Arms - Promatic Training Center Ray Tipton Memorial and TSCA Sub-Gauge Challenge
TX 2017-09-16 Pecan Meadow MEADOW MADNESS
NE 2017-09-16 Lincoln Trap and Skeet Small Bore Shoot
MI 2017-09-16 Island Lake Shooting Range 2017 5th Annual Border Wars Championship
TX 2017-09-15 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 NACE INTL HOUSTON SECTION
IN 2017-09-15 Linden Conservation Club Club Championship
SD 2017-09-10 Willow Creek Sporting Clays Old West Shootout - Pierre and Fort Pierre Youth Trap Fundraiser
IA 2017-09-10 Crockett Ridge Clays Relay for Life - Harms 100
SD 2017-09-10 Willow Creek Sporting Clays Delete
NJ 2017-09-10 Cedar Creek Sporting Clays 7 TH ANNUAL Big Fall Blast
IA 2017-09-10 MAHASKA COUNTY IKES September
TX 2017-09-10 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2017 DOG DAYS
MO 2017-09-09 Geiger Shooting Range Sep 2017 Reg
IN 2017-09-09 Sugar Creek Sporting Clays NWTF Old Mill Longbeards fundraiser
MI 2017-09-09 Grand Blanc Huntsmans Club NSCA Class Shoot
IN 2017-09-08 HCIWLA Sporting Clays September Registered Shoot
GA 2017-09-08 Spring Bank Sporting Club at Barnsley Resort September Fun Shoot
TX 2017-09-08 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC ISA Texas Channel Section
GA 2017-09-08 OSP Shooting School St. Louis Skeet
TX 2017-09-05 Elm Fork Brad Kidd Lessons at Elm Fork
TX 2017-09-05 Brad Kidd Jr Lessons Brad Kidd Jr at Elm Fork Sept 5,6,7