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2019 TX Subgauge Challenge
IA 2019-06-15 New Pioneer Clay Target Center 2019 - CF Saturday
OR 2019-06-15 Siuslaw Sporting Clays Fathers Day 2019
TX 2019-06-15 Deaf Smith 4-H Deaf Smith 4-H
TX 2019-06-15 South Texas Shooting Complex Fathers Day Shoot 2019
TX 2019-06-15 Pecan Meadow 1ST Annual Richard Platt Clay Shoot Sponsored By VFW Post 5621 And Auxiliary
TX 2019-06-15 Guadalupe County 4-H Shotgun Sports 2019 Guadalupe County 4H County Shoot
Texas 2019-06-15 American Shooting Centers BIG BIRD
TX 2019-06-14 Texas Premier Sporting Arms 2019 Icota
IA 2019-06-14 New Pioneer Clay Target Center 2019 - CF Friday
TX 2019-06-14 Westside Sporting Grounds 2019 Friends for Wishes
TX 2019-06-14 American Shooting Centers Special Events Friday Morning 5-Stand League
TX 2019-06-14 Blackwood Gun Club 3rd Annual Clays for Kids B.I.G. LOVE Shoot
TX 2019-06-14 Elm Fork High School 2019 Texas State Championship
IN 2019-06-14 Indian Creek Shooting Center Race to State
GA 2019-06-09 Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club Warm up to Win
IA 2019-06-09 New Pioneer Clay Target Center 2019 - June Sporting Clays
IN 2019-06-08 HCIWLA Sporting Clays June Registered targets
MO 2019-06-08 Polecat Creek Shotgun Park June Fun Shoot
TX 2019-06-08 Texas Premier Sporting Arms 2019 Operation Game Thief
TX 2019-06-08 Blackwood Gun Club Blackwood Summer Clays
TX 2019-06-08 Joshua Creek Ranch 5th Annual Texas Hill Country Shooting Classic
GA 2019-06-08 Noontootla Creek Farms NCF Summer Fling
OH 2019-06-08 Cherrybend Pheasant Farm Summer Open
GA 2019-06-08 Floyd County Wildlife Association Warm-up For State Shoot
TX 2019-06-07 Westside Sporting Grounds 2019 SPE
NE 2019-06-07 USAYESS North Central Junior Regional Championship 2019 North Central Scholarship Fundraiser
NE 2019-06-07 USAYESS North Central Junior Regional Championship 2019 North Central Regional JR Clay Target Championship
TX 2019-06-07 Kerr County 2019 Kerr County 4H Shoot
Texas 2019-06-07 Holy Cross Catholic HS Holy Cross Youth Scholarship Sporting Clays Invitational
IA 2019-06-07 Highland Hideaway Hunting American Heart Shoot 100 *2019*
NE 2019-06-07 Oak Creek Sporting Club Whole Hog Open
TX 2019-06-06 Texas Premier Sporting Arms MH Partners in Caring
SD 2019-06-06 Willow Creek Sporting Clays DAKOTA BLAST 2019
TX 2019-06-04 Westside Sporting Grounds 2019 Sea River
TX 2019-06-02 TSRA Foundation Dan Carlisle Youth Shotgun Clinic
TX 2019-06-02 American Shooting Centers Special Events Kirkland 2019
TX 2019-06-02 Rockwall Gun Club June Bug Open
OR 2019-06-02 CRESWELL CLAY TARGET SPORTS schools out
MI 2019-06-02 Grand Blanc Huntsmans Club June 2019 Registered
IA 2019-06-02 Black Oaks Clays LLC Summer Open
NJ 2019-06-02 Cedar Creek Sporting Clays 7th Annual Jersey Deveviler
TX 2019-06-01 Pecan Meadow Chambers County Annual Clay Shoot
TX 2019-06-01 Westside Sporting Grounds 2019 Baylor Opthalmology
TX 2019-06-01 Youth Target Foundation YTF North Sporting Clays Open
TX 2019-06-01 Callahan Rifle Club CALLAHAN FUN SHOOT
IA 2019-06-01 Anita Sporting Clay Course Summer Begins
IN 2019-06-01 Kosko Shotgun Sports Kosko Race 2 State
TN 2019-06-01 Memphis Sport Shooting Assoc JUNE 2019 MSSA
MO 2019-05-31 River Hills Sporting Clays River Hills 220 bird RED
MO 2019-05-31 River Hills Sporting Clays 200 Registered Targets
TX 2019-05-31 Defender Outdoors Shooting Center Alliance For Children
TX 2019-05-31 American Shooting Centers Special Events Bayou Companies 2019
TX 2019-05-31 Westside Sporting Grounds 2019 Joe Joe Bear Foundation
NE 2019-05-31 Nebraska State Jr Championship 2019 Nebraska USAYESS State Championship
TX 2019-05-31 Ables Sporting Range BORNAGHI GOLD CLASSIC
MO 2019-05-31 River Hills Sporting Clays River Hills 200 Registered Targets
TX 2019-05-28 Maskells Shotgun Academy Michael Maskell Shooting lessons
TX 2019-05-28 Elm Fork Brad Kidd Lessons
TN 2019-05-27 David Radulovich Cross Creek Gamebore Clinic
TX 2019-05-27 Elm Fork RAD RIDES Memorial Day Classic 2019
KS 2019-05-26 Lynbrooke Sporting Clays Lynbrooke Memorial Day 100 (Sunday)
GA 2019-05-26 Olympia Bend Plantation Sunday shoot
IA 2019-05-26 Crockett Ridge Clays May Targets
TX 2019-05-26 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2019 May Day
TX 2019-05-26 Elm Fork RAD RIDES Championship
KS 2019-05-25 Lynbrooke Sporting Clays Lynbrooke Memorial Day 100 (Saturday)
NE 2019-05-25 Heartland Public Shooting Park East West Challenge
NE 2019-05-25 Oak Creek Sporting Club East West Challenge
OR 2019-05-25 Siuslaw Sporting Clays Memorial Day Shoot 2019
OR 2019-05-25 Siuslaw Sporting Clays Memorial Day Shoot 2019
IA 2019-05-25 Highland Hideaway Hunting HIGHLAND SPORTING CLAYS 100
TX 2019-05-25 Johnson County 4H 2019 Johnson County 4H Fandango Memorial Day shoot
GA 2019-05-25 Floyd County Wildlife Association Legend Hollow Open
Texas 2019-05-25 American Shooting Centers SOUTHERN 500/The Carlisle Challenge
LA 2019-05-24 3D Shooting Center May Tournament
TX 2019-05-24 1 in 100 Gun Club Tom Mack Shotgun Instruction
TX 2019-05-24 Greater Houston Sports Club Blue Goose Buckle Race .410
TX 2019-05-23 Westside Sporting Grounds 2019 LJA Engineering
TX 2019-05-22 Westside Sporting Grounds 2019 IBAT
TX 2019-05-21 Westside Sporting Grounds 2019 EOG Resources
TX 2019-05-21 Blackwood Gun Club Spring Sporting Clay League
MI 2019-05-19 Kent County Conservation League KCCL Spring Open
MI 2019-05-19 Gun River Skeet and Trap Gun River 5 Stand 50
IA 2019-05-19 Black Oaks Clays LLC May Blast
IN 2019-05-18 HCIWLA Sporting Clays 2019 5th Annual Sgt. Brad Atwell Memorial Shoot
TX 2019-05-18 Westside Sporting Grounds 2019 HOIST
NE 2019-05-18 Lincoln Trap and Skeet Summer opener
TX 2019-05-18 District 12 4-H D12 4-H Trap, Skeet and Whiz Bang Shoot
TX 2019-05-18 Pecan Meadow NSCA "Armed Forces Day Shoot"
TX 2019-05-18 HOUSTON COUNTY 4-H 24th Annual Houston County Whiz-Bang Qualifier
TX 2019-05-18 Victoria 4H Shotgun Club 2019 Victoria County 4-H Whiz Bang
IA 2019-05-18 New Pioneer Clay Target Center 2019 - May Sporting Clays
TX 2019-05-18 Texas Premier Sporting Arms Sealy FFA Booster Club 1st Annual Sporting Clays Tournament
TX 2019-05-17 Blackwood Gun Club The Great Rhett Shootout
GA 2019-05-17 Shooting Grounds at Barnsley Resort Pre-Memorial Weekend Shoot
IN 2019-05-17 Indian Creek Shooting Center Relay for Life
MS 2019-05-17 Turcotte Shooting Range 2019 MSSP State Shoot
TX 2019-05-15 Brett Winstanley Shooting Lessons Brett Winstanley Shooting Lessons May 15 - June 4
IA 2019-05-12 MAHASKA COUNTY IKES May Sporting Clays
LA 2019-05-11 Flying Q Sporting Clays ***CANCELLED*** NORTH LA CHALLENGE
TX 2019-05-11 Westside Sporting Grounds 2019 Waller County Child Welfare Board
MI 2019-05-11 Four Square Sportsmans Association spring classic
IN 2019-05-11 HCIWLA Sporting Clays Indiana State Super Sporting
TX 2019-05-11 Amarillo Elks At Amarillo Gun Club 6th Annual Amarillo Elks Sporting Clay Shoot
TX 2019-05-09 American Shooting Centers Special Events Liva Nova 2019
TX 2019-05-08 Westside Sporting Grounds 2019 CREN
NJ 2019-05-05 Cedar Creek Sporting Clays 8 Annual May Mayhem
TX 2019-05-04 Texas Premier Sporting Arms 2019 BHHA
SD 2019-05-04 Willow Creek Sporting Clays Pierre Junior Shooters
TX 2019-05-04 Westside Sporting Grounds 2019 Young Life Katy
TX 2019-05-04 Youth Target Foundation YTF 50 Target Frenzy
TX 2019-05-04 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2019 API
IN 2019-05-04 Sugar Creek Sporting Clays Registered Fun Shoot
IA 2019-05-04 Anita Sporting Clay Course Cinco De Mayo Shoot
Texas 2019-05-04 American Shooting Centers 19th Annual Adam's Cup
IN 2019-05-04 Kosko Shotgun Sports May Shoot for Punches
TX 2019-05-04 Walker County 4H Walker Co 4H Whizbang 2019
OH 2019-05-04 Cherrybend Pheasant Farm May Clays
TX 2019-05-04 Joshua Creek Ranch 3rd Annual Ladies Day Shoot
TN 2019-05-04 Memphis Sport Shooting Assoc MSSA TN Point Race #5
TX 2019-05-03 Texas Premier Sporting Arms 2019 TACCA
MN 2019-05-03 MNYSSF 2019 MNYSSF Spring Fling Shoot
NE 2019-05-03 Oak Creek Sporting Club South Dakota / Nebraska Challenge
TX 2019-05-03 Westside Sporting Grounds 2019 FCA Spring Branch
TX 2019-05-03 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2019 Child Advocates
NE 2019-05-03 Pheasant Bonanza Hunt Club and Kennel South Dakota VS Nebraska
MS 2019-05-03 Turcotte Shooting Range Southeastern Clay Combine
KS 2019-05-03 Flint Oak and Lynbrooke Sporting Clays Kansas Classic 400
Texas 2019-05-03 Nueces County 4H Trap and Skeet 2019 Nueces County 4H Whiz Bang
IA 2019-05-03 Highland Hideaway Hunting AGC 100 *2019