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IA 2017-04-30 Anita Sporting Clay Course Registered Shoot
IA 2017-04-30 Highland Hideaway Hunting April Registered 100 target event
GA 2017-04-29 Flint Skeet and Trap Club 2017 Spring Shoot
TX 2017-04-29 Youth Target Foundation YTF North Regionals
TX 2017-04-29 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2017 API
TX 2017-04-29 TexasYESS TEXASYESS 2017 State Clay Target Tournament
TX 2017-04-29 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC Huffman Mason Lodge No. 1428
TX 2017-04-29 Magnolia West HS FFA Booster Club at Blackwood Gun Club 2017 Sporting Clay Tournament Fundraiser
TX 2017-04-29 Victoria 4H Shotgun Club Victoria County 4H Whiz Bang
TX 2017-04-29 Pecan Meadow BACKYARD BLAST
TX 2017-04-28 Greater Houston Gun Club Targets for Tourettes
IA 2017-04-28 Highland Hideaway Hunting American Heart Shoot
TX 2017-04-28 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 UNDERGROUND CONSTRUCTION
TX 2017-04-27 Pecan Meadow Buckeye Shootout
TX 2017-04-27 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2017 D.E. Harvey Builders
TX 2017-04-27 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 BOY SCOUTS
Utah 2017-04-26 Clinics - Purgatory Clay Sports Hurricane Utah Lessons at Ben Avery
TX 2017-04-25 Greater Houston Gun Club BOMA
TX 2017-04-24 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2017
TX 2017-04-24 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2017
TX 2017-04-24 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2017
TX 2017-04-24 Greater Houston Gun Club Pin Oak
TX 2017-04-24 Valero Benefit for Children BFC Sporting Clays
IA 2017-04-23 New Pioneer Clay Target Center 2017 - April Sporting Clays
GA 2017-04-23 Olympia Bend Plantation Spring Shootout Round 2
TX 2017-04-23 Dripping Springs High School Shooting Team Team Fundraiser
KS 2017-04-23 Barton Community College Foundation 2017 Barton Foundation Sporting Clays Event
Utah 2017-04-22 Clinics - Purgatory Clay Sports Hurricane Utah Houston Clinics with Brian Ash
OR 2017-04-22 Siuslaw Sporting Clays April Shoot - Saturday
FL 2017-04-22 Shoal River Sporting Clays and Shooting Ctr April Showers
TX 2017-04-22 1 in 100 Gun Club YoungLife Clay Shoot
MS 2017-04-22 Turcotte Shooting Range Mssp State Shoot
TX 2017-04-22 BBQ CAPITAL 4-H SHOOTING SPORTS BBQ Capital 4H Spring Blast
IN 2017-04-22 HCIWLA Sporting Clays 2017 Midstate sporting clays (college)
TX 2017-04-22 Blackwood Gun Club Montgomery FFA 2nd Annual Clay Shoot
TX 2017-04-22 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC Knights Of Columbus Council #6878-Clay Shoot Camp Hope
TX 2017-04-22 Madison County 4-H ShotGun Club Madison County 4-H 2017 Whizbang Apr 22-23
TX 2017-04-22 Youth Target Foundation YTF Spring Sporting Clays Shoot Out
GA 2017-04-22 Noontootla Creek Farms April Shoot
NE 2017-04-22 Oak Creek Sporting Club Tax Relief
TX 2017-04-22 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 TEXAS SENTINELS
TX 2017-04-22 Jack Whitmire Memorial Charity Clay Shoot Jack Whitmire Memorial Charity Clay Shoot
MI 2017-04-22 Island Lake Shooting Range 2017 6th Annual CZ USA Spring Championship
TX 2017-04-21 Greater Houston Gun Club Kinkaid
TX 2017-04-21 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2017 ACIT
Utah 2017-04-21 Clinics - Purgatory Clay Sports Hurricane Utah 2-Day Clinic - Powder Creek Shooting Park
TX 2017-04-21 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. Ron Hill Memorial USAS Trap PTO
TX 2017-04-20 Blackwood Gun Club Blackwood Pro Mike Maskell offers Shotgun Lessons and Clinics
TX 2017-04-19 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 LJA ENGINEERING
TX 2017-04-18 Greater Houston Gun Club Roy Hailey Foundation
TX 2017-04-17 Greater Houston Gun Club ABC Spring
PA 2017-04-15 Diego Duarte Shooting Instructor Easter Sporting Clay Clinic
LA 2017-04-15 Red Chute Shotgun Sports Club Tax Day Shoot
GA 2017-04-15 Olympia Bend Plantation SPRING SHOOTOUT ROUND 1
TX 2017-04-15 Elm Fork Spring Classic 2017
TX 2017-04-15 Pecan Meadow BARBERS HILL 4H WHIZBANG
TX 2017-04-15 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC Spring Fling
AL 2017-04-15 Talladega Marksmanship Park Crank it up
MI 2017-04-15 Grand Blanc Huntsmans Club NSCA Class Shoot
PA 2017-04-14 Diego Duarte Shooting Instructor Shooting Lessons at Greater Houston Gun Club Sporting Clays, FITASC
TX 2017-04-14 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC Huffman FFA Booster Club
TX 2017-04-14 1 in 100 Gun Club Good Friday Frenzy
TX 2017-04-13 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 CREN
TX 2017-04-12 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 CY-HOPE
TX 2017-04-11 Greater Houston Gun Club AJG
PA 2017-04-10 Brad Kidd Jr Lessons Brad Kidd Jr Lessons at South Florida Shooting Club
TX 2017-04-10 Greater Houston Gun Club ROBS
IA 2017-04-09 Black Oaks Clays LLC Spring Warmup
TX 2017-04-09 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2017 APRIL SHOWERS
NJ 2017-04-09 Cedar Creek Sporting Clays Tenth Annual April Fools Shoot
MO 2017-04-08 Geiger Shooting Range April 2017 Registered
KY 2017-04-08 Elk Creek Hunt Club Spring Fling
IN 2017-04-08 Sugar Creek Sporting Clays Connect a Kid to the Outdoors Fundraiser
OR 2017-04-08 Rogue Valley Sporting Clays 2017 RVSC APRIL SHOWERS SHOOT
TX 2017-04-08 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 Berean Christian Academy
TX 2017-04-08 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2017 Taylor High School FFA
KS 2017-04-08 Linden Target Sports Rice County Sportsman
TX 2017-04-08 Navarro FFA Booster Club 2017 Panther Shootout CANCELLED
2017-04-08 Dewitt County 4H Cancelled Dewitt County 4H Whizbang Qualifier
TX 2017-04-08 Texas Premier Sporting Arms - Promatic Training Center 1st Annual Crawfish and Clays - Austin County Fire Firefighters Assoc.
TX 2017-04-08 Comal 4H Claybusters 7th Annual Comal Claybusters Novice Shoot
TX 2017-04-08 Pecan Meadow Anahuac Engineering Design Fall Classic Sporting Clay Fundraiser
TX 2017-04-08 American Shooting Centers Special Events Shotgun Clinic with Steve Liberta and Cory Kruse
IN 2017-04-07 HCIWLA Sporting Clays 2017 April Fools Shoot
TX 2017-04-07 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 OHH SPRING
TX 2017-04-07 Youth Target Foundation YTF East Regional
TX 2017-04-07 Ables Sporting Range Atlas Open and Crawfish Boil
TX 2017-04-07 Montgomery County 4H 2017 Montgomery Co. 4-H Whizbang
TN 2017-04-07 USAYESS Southern Regional Jr Clay Target Championships 2017 Southern Regional Clay Target Championship
TX 2017-04-04 Greater Houston Gun Club Crosspoint Communications
TX 2017-04-04 Elm Fork Bradd Kidd Coaching
TX 2017-04-03 Greater Houston Gun Club Comerica Bank
TX 2017-04-03 Greater Houston Gun Club comerica bank
AL 2017-04-02 Taylor Creek Sporting Clays Clay Showers
TX 2017-04-02 American Shooting Centers WILDFLOWERS
OR 2017-04-02 Cottage Grove-Eugene Sportsmen APRIL SHOWERS
TX 2017-04-01 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2017 Shooting for a Cure
TX 2017-04-01 1 in 100 Gun Club LIT Shootout 2017
TX 2017-04-01 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 WARRIOR BENEFIT
TX 2017-04-01 Greater Houston Gun Club GHGC Clays for Ladies
MS 2017-04-01 Turcotte Shooting Range MSSP Trap And skeet
IA 2017-04-01 Anita Sporting Clay Course April's Fool Shoot
TX 2017-04-01 Frio County 4-H Claybusters 2017 South Texas Shoot Out
AR 2017-04-01 Blue Rock Sportsmans Club April Showers Shoot
TN 2017-04-01 Memphis Sport Shooting Assoc April 2017 MSSA
TX 2017-04-01 Pecan Meadow 2nd Annual Angels for Aiden "Clays for Kids"
TX 2017-04-01 Blackwood Gun Club 2016 Fools Gold Cup
TX 2017-04-01 Briggs Farm Chambers County TPWD WhizBang Qualifier
TX 2017-03-31 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 HOUSTON CONTRACTORS
GA 2017-03-31 Spring Bank Sporting Club at Barnsley Resort April Fool
TX 2017-03-30 American Shooting Centers Special Events Ladies Night Out Texas
TX 2017-03-30 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 Ducks Unlimited: WWW.DUSHOOT.INFO
TX 2017-03-28 Greater Houston Gun Club BEAR CPS
TX 2017-03-27 Greater Houston Gun Club ALS Houston
TX 2017-03-26 Lindenwood University Shotgun Team The Pride of Lindenwood University Shotgun Team Fundraising Shoot
TX 2017-03-26 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2017 MARCH MADNESS
NE 2017-03-25 Heartland Public Shooting Park Frozen Clay Challenge
TX 2017-03-25 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2017 MTS
TX 2017-03-25 Creekwood Shooting Sports Tomball High School Senior Parent (SPO) Fundraiser for Project Prom
IN 2017-03-25 Linden Conservation Club March Thaw
TX 2017-03-25 Dallas Gun Club 2017 DGC Spring Classic Sporting Clay Tourament
TX 2017-03-25 Pecan Meadow LOTS O LUCK SHOOT
TX 2017-03-25 Dripping Springs High School Shooting Team Hog Heaven Invitational TX YESS - 4H
TX 2017-03-25 Fayette County 4H Shooting Sporting Club Fayette County 4H Whizbang
TX 2017-03-25 Henderson County 4H Shotgun Sports Henderson County 4H Whizbang
AL 2017-03-25 Talladega Marksmanship Park March Madness
KS 2017-03-25 Gypsum Valley Sporting Clays twin 100
OR 2017-03-25 Siuslaw Sporting Clays WVCTL #6 2017
TX 2017-03-24 Westside Sporting Grounds 2017 URBAN YOUNG LIFE
TX 2017-03-22 Blackwood Gun Club Michael Maskell Shooting Lessons
TX 2017-03-21 Blackwood Gun Club OPEN TO ALL Spring Sporting Clay League
TX 2017-03-21 iClays Spring League OPEN to ALL
OR 2017-03-19 Cottage Grove-Eugene Sportsmen FITASC -SOUTH
GA 2017-03-18 Olympia Bend Plantation Seminole Cool Down
GA 2017-03-18 Floyd County Wildlife Association NORTH GA CHALLENGE
AR 2017-03-18 Sanders Lagrue Sporting Clay Range Chili Bowl#2
TX 2017-03-18 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2017 Pearland Masonic Lodge No.1384 Golf Carts
TX 2017-03-18 Guadalupe County 4-H Shotgun Sports 11th Annual Scholarship Fundraiser Shoot
NE 2017-03-18 Oak Creek Sporting Club Shamrock Shoot
IN 2017-03-17 Indian Creek Shooting Center Indian Creek Youth Fundraiser Shoot
AZ 2017-03-17 USAYESS Western Junior Regional Championship 2017 Western Regional Junior Clay Target Championship