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NE 2015-02-28 Heartland Public Shooting Park Feb Registered Shoot
GA 2015-02-28 Spring Bank Sporting Club at Barnsley Resort Waiting For Spring Shoot
KS 2015-02-28 Gypsum Valley Sporting Clays TWIN 100
TX 2015-02-28 ASC Corporate 2015 Young Guns
TX 2015-02-28 Fort Worth Claymores Pull for the Kids Annual Youth Classic
GA 2015-02-28 Forest City Gun Club Seminole Warm-up
MI 2015-02-28 Island Lake Shooting Range NSCA Class Shoot
TX 2015-02-27 Westside Sporting Grounds 2015 K9
TX 2015-02-21 Ellis County Sportsmans Club Valentines Extra
LA 2015-02-21 Long River Lodge Season Opener
MS 2015-02-21 Providence Plantation Sporting Club Providence Hill Farm Sporting Club Iron Man Registered Shoot
OR 2015-02-21 Cottage Grove-Eugene Sportsmen W.V.C.T. LEAGUE SHOOT #3
TX 2015-02-21 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC Frosty Clays
TX 2015-02-20 Westside Sporting Grounds 2015 EVERY VILLAGE
TX 2015-02-15 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2015 NSCA Bahama Mama
TX 2015-02-15 Elm Fork Winter Classic 2015
TX 2015-02-14 Westside Sporting Grounds 2015 Royal High School AG Club
GA 2015-02-14 Olympia Bend Plantation The Road South
TX 2015-02-14 South Texas Shooting Complex 8TH ANNUAL JALAPEƑO OPEN
AR 2015-02-14 Sanders Lagrue Sporting Clay Range Feb Registered Shoot - cancelled
MS 2015-02-14 O N S Sporting Clays O n S Feb Monthly Shoot
TX 2015-02-14 Greater Houston Gun Club 2015 Buckle Race Leg #2 20ga
TX 2015-02-13 ASC Corporate Cameron United Way
TX 2015-02-08 Conroe Shooting Center / Gun Emporium February Clays 5-Stand and Sporting Clays
GA 2015-02-08 Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club Foxhall Winter Shoot
OR 2015-02-07 Siuslaw Sporting Clays WVCTL 2015 #1
TN 2015-02-07 Memphis Sport Shooting Assoc Feb Monthly Shoot
GA 2015-02-07 Spring Bank Sporting Club at Barnsley Resort Feburary Made Me Shiver Shoot
AR 2015-02-07 Blue Rock Sportsmans Club February Fun Shoot
NE 2015-02-07 Oak Creek Sporting Club Mighty Oak Shoot
TX 2015-02-07 Westside Sporting Grounds 2015 Sky High for St. Jude
TX 2015-02-07 Ables Sporting Range 2nd Annual Cold Hard Clays
TX 2015-02-07 Woodlands Christian Athletic Booster Club TWCA Booster Club Sporting Clay Fundraiser
AL 2015-02-01 Taylor Creek Sporting Clays Winter Blast
OR 2015-02-01 Cottage Grove-Eugene Sportsmen DUBAI WARM UP SHOOT
TX 2015-02-01 American Shooting Centers Super Bowl Shoot 2015
KS 2015-01-31 Gypsum Valley Sporting Clays Twin 100
TX 2015-01-31 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC Southeast Texas Hunting Retriever Club Sporting Clay Benefit
TX 2015-01-30 Westside Sporting Grounds 2015 Friends of Eagles
GA 2015-01-25 Olympia Bend Plantation Blast The Cold
IN 2015-01-24 Terre Haute Sporting Clays 'Wingshooting' Safari Fun Shoot
GA 2015-01-24 Spring Bank Sporting Club at Barnsley Resort January Thaw Fun Shoot
OR 2015-01-24 Cottage Grove-Eugene Sportsmen W.V.C.T. LEAGUE SHOOT # 1
TX 2015-01-24 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC Crosby 4-H Shotgun Team 3rd annual Fun Shoot
TX 2015-01-24 Westside Sporting Grounds 2015 Operation Lock N' Load
TX 2015-01-24 Greater Houston Gun Club 2015 Buckle Race Leg#1 12ga
GA 2015-01-19 Floyd County Wildlife Association Monday Kick-Off
TX 2015-01-18 Elm Fork New Year 2015
GA 2015-01-17 Cherokee Rose Sporting Resort Winter Blast
TX 2015-01-17 Clay Mound Sporting Center LLC Here We Go Again
MS 2015-01-17 O N S Sporting Clays O n S First Shoot of the Year
NE 2015-01-17 Oak Creek Sporting Club New Years Shoot
TX 2015-01-16 Westside Sporting Grounds 2015 Anadarko Wild Turkey Federation
FL 2015-01-16 Miami International Skeet Shooting Club 2015 MIAMI CUP