If your organization(team) is not listed in the selection above, please create a team name by Clicking Here

If you can't remember your password, DO NOT create a new team. Email info@usayess.org for a password reminder.

All USAYESS tournaments are open to all youth teams and individual athletes belonging to any youth organization that has a competitive shooting program; AIM, 4-H, FFA, High School Rodeo Trap Program, P.I.T.A. YES, SCTP, YTF, High School Leagues, etc...ALL are welcome. No prior tournament qualification


Registration must be handled by the head coach or person responsible for the team. Select your Organization (team) from the dropdown, enter the team’s password and Log In.

  1. Once into the system, please make sure the coaches email and phone number are correct in case we might need these to contact you. You can change it on screen in needed.
  2. Start building your team’s roaster by entering one athlete at a time. The system will ask you for the athlete’s Class (division) and shirt size. As you add athletes, they will be placed into the Team Roaster section on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. Next select which events the athlete (s) will be competing in. A box will appear which holds up to five athletes…a squad. You may add more squad boxes as you need.
  4. Start building your squads as you wish by dragging athletes from the Roster area to where you want them. The system will automatically select the Squad Class, and notify you of Mixed Squads. Make sure to select times.
  5. Should you need to remove an athlete from an event, simply drag them to the recycle bin. If you need to remove an athlete from the entire tournament, drag them from the Roaster to the recycle bin.
  6. Once you are finished, select the Test Value button and then the Submit button. DO NOT HIT THE BACK BUTTON IN YOUR BROWSER or it will erase all that you have entered.


If the team is paying for all the athletes, the responsible person may select Pay for the first athlete, enter the credit card information and pay. Then go to the next athlete, select and pay. The system will auto populate the card information.

If the team will require each athlete to pay individually, the responsible person would simply copy the URL and send it to each athlete. They will only have access to the pay area.


Collegiate: Any currently enrolled college student meeting ACUI Eligibility Requirements
Senior: 10th – 12th grade
Junior Varsity: 9th – 12th grade (first year competitors)
Intermediate: 7th – 8th grade
Novice: 6th grade and below, based on maturity and coach’s approval

Athletes should compete in their appropriate age group. Bump ups from a lower division to the next division up are allowed. Once bumped-up, the athlete will remain and compete in that division throughout the entire tournament in all events, including any and all individual events. The bumped-up athlete may, after the tournament, be moved back into his or her original grade division. Athletes compete in their current grade until the new school year begins.

Additional Notes

You may go back in and make any changes, add athletes, move them around and or remove them as you need up until the event is closed.

Individual athletes must be under the supervision of a coach. A team must consist of one or more athletes, one of which must be in high school in order to receive endowment funding, should funding be available.

Should you need further assistance, please contact USAYESS at 831-229-4872.