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Comal 4H Claybusters
FULL**13th Annual Comal Claybusters Novice Shoot
Jr Junior Whiz Bang - 50 Targets

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Master AA A B C D E H
Senior Super Veteran Super Veteran Veteran Junior Sub Junior Non-Concurrents

. First Name Last Name . Class Concurrent Gender # A:1 Total
0WesleyMay0J.   2222
0AugustusYancy0J.   1717
0Cole Ryals0J.   1717
0RichardSchroeder0J.   1717
0KanonSmith0J.   1616
0Charles Zaludek0J.   1414
0Case Phillips0J.   1212
0ColtonPlimper0J.   1212
0WadeRitchey0J.   1212
0MatthewGrider0J.   1111
0BennettMcGann0J.   1010
0BriggsDavenport0J.   1010
0WyattHendrix0J.   99
0WadeSieckenius0J.   88
0Grayson Robinson0J.   44
0JamesCase0J.   44
0CaseWilkerson0J.   33
0MasonHaby0J.   11