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Randall County 4-H - Amarillo Gun Club
Randall County 4-H Shoot 2023
Skeet Doubles - S1/S2 - 50 Targets

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Master AA A B C D E H
Senior Super Veteran Super Veteran Veteran Junior Sub Junior Non-Concurrents

. First Name Last Name . Class Concurrent Gender # A:1 # A:2 Total
0Colt Macina0S1/S2.   212546
0Kit Macina0S1/S2.   222345
0Surcy LeePeoples IV0S1/S2.   192544
0RileyCoble0S1/S2.   222143
0GentrySalyer0S1/S2.   4242
0BryceHefley 0S1/S2.   4242
0CooperJennings0S1/S2.   192241
0ParkerHeflin0S1/S2.   191837
0JacobRoberts0S1/S2.   142236
0JohnathanRodriguez0S1/S2.   191736
0Peyton Culp0S1/S2.   131730
0EthanWilliamson0S1/S2.   131427
0CarterBunn0S1/S2.   161026
0Cain Acosta0S1/S2.   2525
0DawsonHeffley0S1/S2.   111223
0MasonLawles0S1/S2.   2222