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Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
2023 HLSR Young Guns Shotgun
Sporting Clays Finals - 100 Targets

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Master AA A B C D E H
Senior Super Veteran Super Veteran Veteran Junior Sub Junior Non-Concurrents

. First Name Last Name . Class Concurrent Gender # A:1 # A:2 # A:3 # A:4 # A:5 # A:6 # A:7 # A:8 # A:9 # A:10 # A:11 # A:12 # A:13 Total
0JONATHANPRINCE0Senior Division Male.   768866888888897
0MATTHEWHADA0Senior Division Male.   848758788888895
0SamWaldrop0Senior Division Male.   756767878588890
0MATTHEWYOUNG0Senior Division Male.   745668877888789
0HARMANGROVES0Senior Division Male.   745847878888789
0LANEPICKLO0Senior Division Male.   855846877888789
0JACOBCHAVEZ0Junior Division Male.   738856878883887
0CARSONSCHULTZ0Senior Division Male.   757826877887686
0CARTERHEBERT0Senior Division Male.   825668888778586
0WILLIAMEDGMON0Senior Division Male.   638865878876686
0NOAHRUBY0Junior Division Male.   637838858787886
0KaylaKane0Senior Division Female.Lady746856786678785
0ConnorThigpen0Junior Division Male.   747547857887784
0KAYLIDEVUSSER0Junior Division Female.Lady838817686788684
0ABRAHAMGARZA0Senior Division Male.   456738758887783
0SAVANNABARKS0Senior Division Female.Lady545745768888782
0MADISONBROWN0Senior Division Female.Lady548748658777682
0KennedyThompson0Senior Division Female.   766847857665782
0EDWARDTURK0Junior Division Male.   736746877768682
0CHELSEABAJJALI0Senior Division Female.Lady556754578678881
0MylesPriestly0Junior Division Male.   638646677777680
0Bobby L.B.Daugherty0Junior Division Male.   752838877584880
0MALYAHREEVES0Senior Division Female.Lady544836868668779
0BRYSONBRESLER0Junior Division Male.   657635858678579
0GunnarFrank0Junior Division Male.   634847757887579
0ANSLEY CJOHNSTON0Senior Division Female.Lady427735887868679
0HUNTERDAVIDSON0Junior Division Female.Lady744845567777778
0JuneWhittenburg0Junior Division Female.   656835868647678
0BRIANFIOLEK0Senior Division Male.   454833776888778
0AbagailOliver0Senior Division Female.   627615858778777
0EDUARDOBARRERA JR0Senior Division Male.   345747776775776
0KYESOPCZAK0Junior Division Male.   723767684677575
0KARSYNROSS0Senior Division Female.Lady637836756566674
0ISABELLAVAQUERO0Junior Division Female.Lady528535846855771
0SuttonLampier0Junior Division Male.   416626866667771
0Augustus Bauer 0Senior Division Male.   656855844255467
0ANNIETERRY0Junior Division Female.Lady642723687674466
0PresleyDorries0Senior Division Female.Lady522546536886565
0HARPERREDMON0Junior Division Female.Lady622646738167462
0KAITLYNROEDER0Junior Division Female.Lady325636645567462
0REAGANHOLDMAN0Junior Division Female.Lady313517658368561
0LUCYADAIR0Junior Division Female.   305234767573456
0KIMBERNICHOLAS0Junior Division Female.Lady532416455663454
0MAXJACKSON0Junior Division Male.   10000000000001