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Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
2023 HLSR Young Guns Shotgun
Skeet Finals - 50 Targets

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Master AA A B C D E H
Senior Super Veteran Super Veteran Veteran Junior Sub Junior Non-Concurrents

. First Name Last Name . Class Concurrent Gender # A:1 # B:1 Total
0BRYSONBRESLER0Junior Division Male.   252550
0LukePriestly0Senior Division Male.   252550
0Jeremiah Briones0Senior Division Male.   252550
0KaylaKane0Senior Division Female.Lady252550
0CooperOliver0Senior Division Male.   252550
0NOAHRUBY0Junior Division Male.   252550
0WILLIAMEDGMON0Senior Division Male.   252550
0MylesPriestly0Junior Division Male.   252550
0MALYAHREEVES0Senior Division Female.Lady242549
0HAYDENDREFKE0Junior Division Male.   252449
0ConnorThigpen0Junior Division Male.   242549
0JONATHANPRINCE0Senior Division Male.   242549
0SAMDAVIS0Senior Division Male.   252449
0CoriMoench0Senior Division Female.Lady242549
0MADISONBROWN0Senior Division Female.Lady242549
0CARSONSCHULTZ0Senior Division Male.   232548
0CASEMARTIN0Junior Division Male.   252348
0MATTHEWSANCHEZ0Senior Division Male.   232548
0GunnarFrank0Junior Division Male.   232548
0MATTHEWHADA0Senior Division Male.   242448
0KAYLIDEVUSSER0Junior Division Female.Lady252348
0KARSYNROSS0Senior Division Female.Lady252348
0KennedyThompson0Senior Division Female.   252348
0ANNIETERRY0Junior Division Female.Lady232447
0MicaelaVelasquez0Senior Division Female.Lady232346
0ANSLEY CJOHNSTON0Senior Division Female.Lady222446
0RUBYDAILY0Senior Division Female.Lady242246
0CARTERKNOLL0Senior Division Male.   242246
0KAITLYNROEDER0Junior Division Female.Lady232346
0Layne Feldhousen0Senior Division Female.Lady222446
0HUNTERDAVIDSON0Junior Division Female.Lady232245
0BRODYMOORE0Junior Division Male.   212445
0STONEROKYTA0Junior Division Male.   222345
0MICAHCUTLER0Junior Division Female.Lady232144
0HARPERREDMON0Junior Division Female.Lady222143
0ELLEVANDERZEE0Junior Division Female.Lady182543
0MCKAYLANARANJO0Junior Division Female.Lady221941
0TABITHASIKES0Junior Division Female.Lady211940
0CooperGreen0Junior Division Male.   192039
0HANNAHPATTERSON0Junior Division Female.Lady191635