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Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
2023 HLSR Young Guns Shotgun
Fri S.eniors Modified 5 Stand - 50 Targets

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Master AA A B C D E H
Senior Super Veteran Super Veteran Veteran Junior Sub Junior Non-Concurrents

. First Name Last Name . Class Concurrent Gender # A:1 Total
0JONATHANPRINCE0Senior Division Male.   4545
0TRANTONBREAUX0Senior Division Male.   4545
0ColeMcCall0Senior Division Male.   4141
0MATTHEWYOUNG0Senior Division Male.   4141
0BRADYLARAMIE0Senior Division Male.   4141
0CARSONSCHULTZ0Senior Division Male.   3838
0GARRETTBUTZKE0Senior Division Male.   3737
0CARSONBROWNE0Senior Division Male.   3636
0DALTONHAGLER0Senior Division Male.   3636
0KARSYNROSS0Senior Division Female.Lady3535
0CASHBURNS0Senior Division Male.   3434
0CALEBCUTLER0Senior Division Male.   3434
0ANSLEY CJOHNSTON0Senior Division Female.Lady3434
0COLETONTrenkelbach 0Senior Division Male.   3333
0WillCocca0Senior Division Male.   3333
0KalebParten0Senior Division Male.   3333
0JENNABATTLES0Senior Division Female.Lady3232
0MicaelaVelasquez0Senior Division Female.Lady3232
0MALYAHREEVES0Senior Division Female.Lady3232
0Aidansymens0Senior Division Male.   3131
0JUSTINLESTER0Senior Division Male.   3131
0BRIANFIOLEK0Senior Division Male.   2929
0ClaytonAlford0Senior Division Male.   2929
0MADISONBROWN0Senior Division Female.Lady2929
0BraedenHoelscher0Senior Division Male.   2828
0CORTLYNNHENDRIX0Senior Division Female.Lady2727
0JeffreyOltjendiers0Senior Division Male.   2626
0TrentonGraves0Senior Division Male.   2626
0LaneOtwell0Senior Division Male.   2525
0PEIGHTONWICKLIFFE0Senior Division Female.Lady2525
0JaceOrtega0Senior Division Male.   2525
0SURCYPEOPLES0Senior Division Male.   2525
0FrankStevenson0Senior Division Male.   2222
0MadilynReed0Senior Division Female.Lady2121
0CadeBrown0Senior Division Male.   2121
0ParkerRehak0Senior Division Male.   2020
0ElijahPayne0Senior Division Male.   1919
0JennaRinggold 0Senior Division Female.Lady1818
0EthanEast0Senior Division Male.   1616
0BradenHofstra0Senior Division Male.   1414
0MasonOtwell0Senior Division Male.   1212
0OliviaWinegeart0Senior Division Female.Lady1111
0SydneySorensen0Senior Division Female.   66